Sunday, January 20, 2013

On Becoming a Parent in Phoenixville

Until I became a parent 9 weeks ago, I never took notice to things like changing tables in public restrooms, or stairs leading into a business that my stroller cannot navigate, or even places to go with a newborn that wouldn't get me dirty looks from other patrons.  I also never considered all the mega cracks in the sidewalks of Phoenixville that make me pop a wheelie on the Graco travel system, or how I may never use an escalator again.  Although some veteran parents may chuckle at my recent discoveries, it's quite unsettling to a new parent who has absolutely no clue!   Suddenly my old life has been wrapped in a diaper and tossed in the genie (diaper genie, that is).  I needed help and fast!

The problem is that Phoenixville is sorely lacking resources for the itsy bitsy sized and their parents.  It's my quest to find activities for my little one in this town (or close proximity) and share them with the rest of my local novice parents who are seeking the same.  I'll explore Moms groups, the public library, the Y, various family friendly businesses, etc. and post here about the experiences.  Perhaps my readers can even share a tip or two with me if they find something cool to do with a baby in this town.  I'm hoping this blog will both inspire new Phoenixville parents to get out of the house with their babies as well as force me to do the same!  Cheers to the grand experiment of Babies on Bridge!


  1. so excited about this! My husband and I are expecting our first this summer and, having only experienced Phxville kid-less, we are definitely going to need some inside tips for great locations. Thanks for thinking of this!

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